Westcan’s Unique Polymer Systems Coating is Extending Equipment Life

Westcan Unique Polymer Systems coating 205 FG Water pumpWestcan has just successfully completed its first Unique Polymer Systems coating of a waste water pump for a municipality in British Columbia.

Our specialists coated the customer’s two new pump casings to prevent wear and corrosion of the metal parts. We applied two separate coats of UPS205G in different colors so that wear can be analyzed in the future. When inspection time comes around, a simple visual examination will indentify patterns of color wear exposure.

With this coating in place, the customer is expecting significantly longer casing life. If necessary, repair decisions can be made before base metal erosion in the casing occurs, thus saving the municipality critical repair time and operating expense.

UPS 205 FG uses a complex blend of epoxy resins and a polyamino-amide curing system reinforced with carbide and ceramic particles. This produces a coating with a high level of abrasion and erosion resistance combined with optimum physical and mechanical strength.

The municipality’s waste water pumps will be removed and inspected in one year’s time. We will report back then on how the UPS coatings stand up.