Florence Dupont


Position: Director of Finance

Westcan Industries Ltd welcomes Florence Dupont, our new Director of Finance to the Westcan team! Florence's extensive financial background with industrial companies will be a great asset as we scale up our operations and direct our financial KPI's to meet growing customer demand for Westcan products.


Seen here with "Van", her 2 year old black Labrador dog companion, she is also a puppy-raiser volunteer for PADS. Raising a PADS puppy means having a furry companion by your side at work, for walks, the store and wherever else you may go in a day. This volunteer job is a big commitment, but it is an essential part of socializing personal assistance dogs for the working life they will later have with their life partner. Puppies will come to live with their raiser at about eight-weeks old, and stay with them for approximately 14 months. The PADS organization breeds, raises and trains fully certified assistance dogs to become life-changing independence companions to those with physical disabilities other than blindness. The canine assisted intervention dogs work with community professionals, such as teachers, RCMP and psychologists to help support healthy communities.


Van is very good natured, very well trained (especially when treats are involved!) and has been adopted as the Westcan mascot until duty calls. If you visit us in the next eight months or so, come by the office and say " hello" to Florence and Van.