50 Years of Innovative, Industrial Pump Technology and Superb Service from Westcan

From it’s inception in 1964, Westcan has grown from a machine and welding shop to being one of the leading service providers for Pump Products, Pumping Equipment and Pump Maintenance enhancements in Canada.

As a pioneer in the use and development of engineered coatings such as Thermal Spray Technology, Westcan provides our customers with improved, superior equipment performance under some of the toughest operating parameters in any industry.

Westcan’s Improvements for Industrial Pump Technology Can Reduce Customers’ Costs

Pump technology improvements have been greatly strengthened through a combination of metallurgical developments in materials, and design, by Westcan. This applies not only to shafts, sleeves and impellers, but also within foundries and steel suppliers who now have improved casting and raw material quality in many of the pump components supplied.

Impeller Repair Program

Impellers, previously discarded after being in service for normal duty cycles, then were replaced with new – are now repaired by us with better welding technology and procedures that surpass the ‘life performance’ of just a short time ago.

In fact, Westcan’s Impeller Program, was started at the request of customers who were benefiting in huge savings from the Recovery and Repairs we had done to their impellers. Now it assists many of our clients save millions of dollars in annual operating costs, which also helps them improve their competitiveness in the global market.

With the dramatic increase in the cost of metals, especially 316SS, 2205SS, Nickel and Molybdenum based alloys, the importance of ‘life extension’ of recyclable parts by repair is more important than ever to reducing costs.

Pump Database

Accumulated and well documented over the last 50 years, Westcan has an extensive database of pumps and component parts of all OEM makes and models that is second to none.

Westcan’s Pump Database has grown significantly since its inception in 1964. With more than 50 OEM Pump Manufacturers detailed, and in excess of 110 models, we have created a database of over 25,000 parts from the smallest washer to complete pumps – supplied in any and all materials.

Quality Assurance and ISO Certified

Westcan is not only in conformance with the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System today; a Quality Assurance program was implemented in the mid 90’s to ensure that each and every part we supply or repair is identical to the OEM original dimensions and is of the highest quality, delivering the improved performances needed by our customers.

Working closely with our Customers to solve their individual or combined problems led us to develop many of the highest quality products and processes. Our years of experience enabled us to assist many customers in extending the life of their components and equipment, even in the most arduous conditions of corrosion and erosion, leading to substantial savings for them.

A Goal Realized for the Industrial Pump Industry

Our focus has been and is still, to outperform our customers expectations in extending the life and performance of their Pumping and Rotating equipment through our solution-based services.

With our professional, experienced staff, our specific technological innovations and improvements, plus the highest quality of shop equipment; we continually deliver the quality of service and reliability that is the hallmark of the Westcan name.

We are ready for the next 50 years of leading edge advancements and excellence in all areas of pump technology.

Thank you to all of our customers through the years who have added so much to our company.