Westcan Benefits

Depositphotos_34601079_s Quality Assurance

  • Our clients’ benefit from our in-depth knowledge of pump applications.
  • Whether it is design enhancements, metallurgical changes or coatings, Westcan continually offers technical solutions to improve pump performance and reduce life cycle costs.
  • Our relationship with our clients is strengthened by developing pump solutions that will outperform their expectations.
  • We can reverse or re-engineer most pump parts and components or related equipment.
  • Our Impeller program is helping many of our customers save millions of dollars in annual operating costs, improving their competitiveness in a Global market.
  • We have an extensive data base of Pumps and component parts of all OEM makes and models. It has been accumulated and well documented over the past 40 years.
  • Our Quality Assurance program ensures that each and every part we supply or repair is equivalent to the ORIGINAL Factory specifications and is of the highest quality.
  • We can dynamically balance all rotating parts we manufacture. This helps minimize vibration problems which are often at the heart of operational pump failures.