Centurion Industries

Westcan fueled its growth with the purchase of Centurion Industries in 2005. Centurion is a leader in OEM parts production, including over $4 million in patterns for cast parts.


Indu-Tech Enterprises produces Level Transmitter Isolation Valves. Serving a global market from Asia, South America, Europe and covering the North American continent, the Indu-Tech Isolation Valve can be found in all applications that require level measurement isolation. A unique product in a specialty OEM market.


MagnaDrive replaces the physical connection between motors and loads with a gap of air. A gap that eliminates harmful wear and tear from vibration, enhances energy efficiency, increases motor life and protects equipment from overload damage.

DRN Industrial

Your local Westcan support in Quebec.

DT Martin

Your local Westcan support in Newfoundland.


Nick Westerberg

Your local Westcan support in the Pacific Northwest.


Hydraulic Institute

Creating Pump Standards since 1917.

BC Hydro – Pumping up Savings

BC Hydro has identified that approximately half of BC’s future electricity conservation can be realized in the industrial sector, where pump systems account for a major portion of energy consumption and potential savings. To help explain this business opportunity to industry, Power Smart has developed a short educational video, which introduces in simple terms how pumps work and the ways in which they can be optimized for improved performance, reliability and cost efficiency.

The video also promotes the Power Smart Pumps Optimization Initiative, which provides funding to customers for pump studies and incentives for energy efficiency projects. Power Smart may provide 75% funding for the cost of a pump study proposal if approved. Additional funding may be available upon completion of an energy efficiency project, provided that the required criteria are met. These include: an energy efficiency project must be implemented within 18 months after the completed study, and the project must exceed the minimum energy saving threshold.