Why Choose Westcan Industries

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We Have Over 50 Years Experience

Founded in 1964, Westcan Industries is a leading service provider in North America for industrial, municipal and commercial pumps, pump overhauls and repairs, precise pump parts, pump engineering and performance enhancements.

Our top tier pump technology has been achieved through a combination of pump curve achievements, metallurgical developments, coated applications, and design improvements.

We Help Improve Your Performance and Save You Money

Applying Thermal Spray Technology, Westcan has provided our customers with superior performance under some of the toughest operating parameters in any Industry. This applies not only to Shafts, Sleeves and Impellers but many other components requiring hard overlay to extend their life. With a new focus on Energy savings in pump performance, the enhancement of pump performance will provide significant savings in the pump operational costs throughout the mills.

We Have Partner Experienced in Engineered Technology

Engineered Quality AssuranceThrough our partnership with the University of British Columbia, Mechanical Engineering, Westcan continues to narrow the gap between research and development and the practical applications of improved pump technology.

On numerous occasions our Engineers have provided solutions which have improved performance and/or service life.

We Provide Cost-Effective Solutions

With the application of 3D Modeling, CMM technology and CNC manufacturing capability we are able to provide economical and precise pump parts, repairs and rebuilds and pump performance services.

We Only Hire the Best, Our Team Has Expertise and Experience

Westcan Industries has an extensive database of pumps and component parts of most OEM makes and models that is second to none. We have acquired much of this data over 45 years throughout the Industrial Pumps Markets, and our Pump Program database has grown significantly since its inception.

With an extensive data base knowledge of OEM Pump Manufacturers that details in excess of 110 pump models, we have created a database of over 25,000 parts from the smallest gland to complete pumps supplied in a wide variety of materials including the option of hard overlay spray technology.

Our Engineering Department as well as our Pattern-making facilities gives us the advantage of being able to replicate parts that have been discontinued and allow you to continue to run your existing pump installations.

We Believe That Quality Matters

Our Quality Assurance program ensures that each and every part we supply or repair is equivalent to the ORIGINAL Factory specifications and is of the highest quality, delivering the improved performances demanded by our customer’s applications. Traceability, documentation and adherence to certified procedures provide the means to achieve our demanding goals of Quality Assurance.

Westcan Industries are The Pump People.

Feel free to contact us or give us a call at 1-888-541-9141. We will always work to accommodate you.


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