Erosion Control in Recaust

services_1267206622Rebuilt Liquor pump used within a recausting chemical recovery process in Pulp and Paper

The Recaust area can be tough on process machinery; not only highly corrosive but highly abrasive as well. Westcan has the technology to extend the service life of many components, reducing the maintenance costs associated with erosion, corrosion, and abrasion.

Kraft pulp mills rely on chemical recovery systems to reclaim spent chemicals, which are then reused in the process. Without this system a significant amount of chemicals and resources would be wasted.

These alkaline chemicals are used to pulp the wood chips, and end up in the waste pulping solution, called black liquor. This black liquor is evaporated to remove water. After evaporation, it is injected as fuel into a recovery boiler, which burns off the organic material leaving the chemicals behind for recovery.

These remaining chemicals are mixed with water to form green liquor. This green liquor is sent on for further processing called “causticizing” to bring it back to its original form (white liquor) for re-use in the pulp mill digester.

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