North American Pulp Mill Realizes Increased Savings and Reliability

North American Pulp Mill Realizes Increased Savings and Reliability with the Rebuild  of the Ahlstrom 2LRS-15

Ahlstrom-2LRS-15-Pump-Before---WestCanProblem: Inefficient operation and over-burn causes Pulp and Paper mill to contact Westcan to rebuild pump

A prominent Pulp and Paper mill has 4 Ahlstrom 2LRS-15’s on their Makeup Liquor system. For years the mill struggled with inefficient operation as well as continuous over-heating of the bearings resulting in excessive vibration.

The mill personnel had maintained the pumps as time would permit, but with the pressure to produce pulp constantly looming, all they could do was “button” the pump up and get it back in operation. After several years of struggling with the same issues it was decided to send the entire unit to Westcan Industries for assessment and a complete overhaul.

Solution: Westcan assesses the pump to adequately evaluate the best solution and what new parts would be requiredAhlstrom-2LRS-15-Pump-After---WestCan

As the pump was dismantled and a complete “As- Received” QA report was done .It became apparent that the fits and tolerances of the critical parts were dramatically different from the original settings. With the 2LRS’s in particular the tolerances and stack-ups are critical to the overall performance and efficiency.

We first had to establish the datum point or baseline and rebuild from that point.

In addition, the running clearances are critical. The alignment of the impeller vanes to the housing and diffuser became the pivot point of the rebuild.

New parts included the shaft, sleeves, wear rings and bearings.

As part of Westcan’s mandate to constantly innovate, a Pack Ryt, BLR (Patented) close tolerance true load bearing member designed and manufactured by the Seal Ryt Corporation was installed into the stuffing box c/w 3 rings of Seal Ryt High Performance sealing rings. This innovation resulted in a stiffer shaft and a dramatically reduced L3/D4.

Upon completion of the overhaul Westcan provided an As-Built and Repaired Report to the mill. The mill is committed to rebuilding all 4 pumps to the same exacting standards as the first one.

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