Vertical Pump

Vertical Pump

Worthington 36KLD Vertical Pump

This Worthington Vertical Pump is used in a Pulp Mill for Process Water.

Extreme wear due to poor bearing design and prior incorrect overhauls


  • Replaced the worn shafting and bearings with new parts
  • Precision alignment and doweling of housings on a CNC machine to reduce load on bearings and reduce rotating imbalance
  • Optimized journal bearing running clearances, lubricant feed path, and cooling rate
  • Designed a lubricant cell sealing system to protect the bearings
  • Corrected an incorrectly specified RH to a LH thread, which had caused the pump to partially disassemble itself under load
  • Built up and CNC-machined severe wear areas, so that the original housing parts could be reused
  • Corrected impeller running clearances to spec
  • Dynamically balanced the impeller
  • Hydraulically balanced the impeller