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A valued Westcan employee, Peter Vero, recently journeyed back to his home town of Bari, Italy to meet-up with his childhood friends of over 50 years.

Peter is a master machinist in our facility who has dedicated many years of great customer service here at Westcan. The five friends in the first picture have all taken different paths in life! Some in other countries, but they have always kept in touch. Peter likes to go camping in Canada in his spare time and only gets back to Italy every so often.

He was back recently and knew that his friends would be there so they just got together for the new photo. The pictures were taken in the same location just 50 years apart… Times change but Peter has always kept his sense of humour and his friends.

Get to know The Pump People! ‘The Pump People’ blog series will feature employees and events from Westcan.


industrial pumpsPumping systems perform a critical role in industry and are estimated to account for almost 10% of global electricity use. Industrial pumps are used in anything that moves fluid from one stage of a process to another.

They are also fundamental to the success of many manufacturing processes and play a huge part in the treatment of wastewater and by-products from industrial processes.

Can you calculate the value of pumps to your operations? Well, consider this… without them, you have no operation. Without them being maintained to A-1 condition, your operation can’t achieve its production and environmental goals.

Determining the Value of Your Industrial Pumps

Of course, you can look at what the initial  costs to design, manufacture, install and fine tune a new industrial pump, but that doesn’t tell Read More »


extend industrial pump lifeInstalling a new industrial pump just gets more technically complicated and expensive. It’s a necessary part of life for many companies, but something they would prefer to avoid until it is absolutely necessary and proven to be cost effective for the long run. Therefore it makes sense, and reduces operational costs as well, for firms to extend an industrial pump’s life and take a proactive approach toward parts and maintenance.

Financial Advantages of Extended Industrial Pump Life Cycles

Industrial grade pumps are used everywhere – Mining, pulp and paper, agriculture, mechanical industries, factories, mills, municipal water and wastewater systems, chemical industries, petrochemical industries Read More »


Upgrade Pulp and Paper MillLast year, Irving Pulp and Paper announced plans to spend $450 million to modernize one of its mills in Saint John, NB. This project is creating 600 jobs and allowing the mill to upgrade its capacity and productivity.This huge undertaking is possibly the most complex modernization project Canada has seen in decades, involving many companies, suppliers and service providers working together. That includes experts in industrial pump technology.Without doubt, it is already providing lessons about how to upgrade a pulp and paper mill.

Two Phases

The first phase of the project is to update the way in which the plant handles wood chips Read More »


potash back up pumpsMillions upon millions of people around the world depend on faultless processing of potash in order to maintain a steady supply of potassium for fertilizers. Potash production continues to be one of Canada’s most valuable industries. Companies in Saskatchewan  account for around 1/3rd of global potash production and generate $1.6 billion in gross revenue each year.

Therefore, it is essential for companies processing potash to have back-up (inline spares)pumps. It is a liquid-intensive and pump-intensive industry. Even during maintenance, cleaning and mechanical breakdowns, processing and supply must be maintained.

Back-up Pumps Help With Plugged Potash Lines

It matters not if separation and processing of potash is done by solution mining or conventional underground mining Read More »


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