Industrial Pump Rebuild

Upgrade Pulp and Paper MillLast year, Irving Pulp and Paper announced plans to spend $450 million to modernize one of its mills in Saint John, NB. This project is creating 600 jobs and allowing the mill to upgrade its capacity and productivity.This huge undertaking is possibly the most complex modernization project Canada has seen in decades, involving many companies, suppliers and service providers working together. That includes experts in industrial pump technology.Without doubt, it is already providing lessons about how to upgrade a pulp and paper mill.

Two Phases

The first phase of the project is to update the way in which the plant handles wood chips Read More »


potash back up pumpsMillions upon millions of people around the world depend on faultless processing of potash in order to maintain a steady supply of potassium for fertilizers. Potash production continues to be one of Canada’s most valuable industries. Companies in Saskatchewan  account for around 1/3rd of global potash production and generate $1.6 billion in gross revenue each year.

Therefore, it is essential for companies processing potash to have back-up (inline spares)pumps. It is a liquid-intensive and pump-intensive industry. Even during maintenance, cleaning and mechanical breakdowns, processing and supply must be maintained.

Back-up Pumps Help With Plugged Potash Lines

It matters not if separation and processing of potash is done by solution mining or conventional underground mining Read More »


Water treatment, recycling, settling on sewage water stationIndustrial power facilities, utilize a variety of fuel sources such as oil , coal, gas and combustable  byproducts. No matter what type of product is burned in a furnace or power boiler, the combustion process will produce a large amount of ash, gases, soot and other by-products. It is important to clean the internal heating surfaces at set intervals to prevent build-up within their systems.Soot blowers are an effective and efficient means of regularly and safely cleaning the internal heating surface.

The Problems Caused by Soot Buildup

The longer a boiler or furnace has been running, the more deposits it will have on all heating surfaces. Soot inside a furnace or other burning equipment reduces efficiency and is also a fire hazard. First, a coating of soot inside the equipment acts like an insulator to reduce heat exchange and Read More »


Each industry requires that industrial pump repair and rebuild solutions save down time; save money; and reduce maintenance time and costs. Harsh environments and caustic solutions can cause frequent overhauls and in some cases complete stoppages on a critical application.

Rotating Parts

Repairing rotating equipment parts requires superb machine shop services for quality pump parts. Prior to assembly, the complete rotating assembly should be dynamically balanced for optimum performance. A large engineering database of pump drawings Read More »