BC Energy Efficiency Program

Westcan’s Energy Efficiency Program Can Help You Reduce Your Pumps’ Energy Costs

Westcan is a member of the BC Hydro PowerSmart Alliance and meets all of BC Hydro’s stringent requirements.

energy efficiency inspectionsAs an Alliance Partner, we help our industrial and municipal pump end users identify the availability of innovative and implementable energy savings opportunities, install energy-efficient products, engage in pump repairs and rebuilds that increase energy efficiency, and receive funding and incentives, wherever possible.

We have been in the pump business for over 50 years which speaks volumes concerning our integrity and commitment to our core industries and customers. We are always interested in helping customers improve their pump system performance and reducing maintenance and energy costs.

We know what is required for your company to take advantage of BC HYDRO’s Energy Efficiency Incentives

There are numerous incentives and advantages available including funding for upgrade projects as part of a continuous improvement process.

So if you would like to see how you may greatly reduce your energy costs, please contact us.

Enhanced energy efficiency makes excellent monetary sense; and in today’s climate of increased public awareness and focus on environmental issues, it can also help foster increased goodwill for participating companies.

Our mandate is to improve Life Cycle Cost and increase pump reliability and efficiency.

So call us today for more information on how we can help you reduce your energy costs.