MagnaDrive Couplings

Magna DriveNote: More than 80% of all rotary equipment failures are related to vibration. MagnaDrive  can help to resolve this issue.

MagnaDrive: Magnetic Drive Couplings

MagnaDrive offers an innovative magnetic technology that replaces the physical connection between motors and loads with a gap of air. This air gap eliminates harmful vibration that tends to break down the durability of equipment seals and enhances energy efficiency as well as a motor’s life cycle.

MagnaDrive is Green

MagnaDrive’s “Green” disconnected torque-transfer technology reduces your total cost of ownership by lowering maintenance costs, operating costs and energy consumption. It enhances the ability to run your pumps at the optimum system curve for the pumping unit. Thus improving process availability and system reliability.

The detached feature of MagnaDrive’s technology also offers a cushioned start and stop capability. Because there is no direct mechanical connection between the load and the motor, the latter can be started independently from the load. This reduces stresses in the system and allows the load to be accelerated at a steady pace rather than reaching operating speed immediately. Additionally, it eliminates the need for control valves that are usually used to restrict the speed of the load.

MagnaDrive Requires Very Little Maintenance

One of the best features of MagnaDrive Couplings is that they require very little maintenance. Any maintenance can be performed in-house. An annual inspection is usually all that is needed and this can be done even when the equipment is in operation.

Another benefit of this product is that even if there was a system failure, which is highly unlikely, it would be easier and faster to replace than if you had an alternative technology.

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