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As the premier Pump Solutions provider in Canada, we have been producing premium parts for most pumps for over 45 years. Particular emphasis on discontinued parts makes us the “go to” pump people.

We have the largest pump parts database in North America and have supplied customers around the globe with our high-quality pump parts.

What is A Casing?

A Casing is a curved funnel increasing in area to the discharge port. As the area of the cross-section increases, the Casing reduces the speed of the liquid and increases its pressure. A company’s choice of casing can have a significant impact on pump reliability, as well as pump efficiency. Typically, there are three types of casing used within centrifugal pump applications – single volute, double volute and vaned diffuser. Please find a description of each casing type below:

Single Volute

By far the most common casing within low-to-medium flow single stage pumps are single volute. Their main advantage is in their simplicity of design. These casings are less difficult to produce and therefore less expensive within the marketplace.

Double Volute

Double volute casings are widely popular for use within larger pump systems, such as double-suction impeller pumps. These systems divide flow two equal streams and were originally created to help mitigate the radial thrust caused when a pump operates off its BEP (Best Efficiency Point).

Vaned Diffuser

Vaned Diffuser casings are typically used where high efficiency is of critical importance. These casings are often used large high pressure pumps and in multistage pumping applications.

With Westcan’s experience within the pump parts manufacturing marketplace, clients can depend upon our team for a swift response to each of their casing development requirements.

Discontinued Casings in Your Mill or Plant?

We have the solution! With our vast library of patterns and ability to cast or build precisely engineered replications of Casings and numerous other pump parts, Westcan can produce highly complex Casings in a wide array of material to extremely tight tolerances.

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