Impeller Repair

ImpellersWestcan’s precision and reliable Impeller Repairs will greatly reduce your operating and maintenance costs and improve your pump up-time.

Our timely and inexpensive repairs to your old bone-yard Impellers are much less costly than buying expensive new replacement Impellers.

Understanding when to repair or buy a new Impeller only comes with experience. Fortunately, Westcan has been performing Impellers Repairs for the Pulp and Paper Industry and other industries and municipalities very successfully and reliably for decades.

Impeller Repair – Patterns Templates and Experience

Westcan has developed an extensive library of drawings, inventory of patterns, templates, and tooling. This coupled with our highly skilled team of knowledgeable craftsmen, state-of-the-art-equipment, and a large organized shop, allows us to cost-effectively repair most of your old bone-yard Impellers.

impeller generator in an isolated backgroundInitially Westcan worked closely with a group of pulp and paper mills repairing their bone-yard Impellers. This experience provided us with the knowledge to fully develop our Impeller Repair Program.

Westcan produces high quality impellers including single suction open and/or closed and double suction closed. All Impellers are dynamically balanced and meet full customer specifications.

We have developed a Level One and a Level Two Program to greatly reduce your operating costs and produce inventory savings for your mill.

Impeller Repair Cost Savings

By being able to recapture the cost savings value in worn or under-trimmed Impellers, an individual customer has been able to save $200,000 over a two-year period with as few as 50 Impellers in the program.

Your mill operating cost reduction could be significant with the implementation of the Impeller Repair Program.

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