Indu-Tech Valves

flush-small3_smIndu-Tech valves operate within in the toughest applications of Pulp and Paper, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Steam and Waste Water Treatment plants.


  • a true “Isolation Valve”
  • encompasses problems associated with the level transmitter isolation
  • a simplified on/off control,
  • a thin cross section to maintain close process to transmitter distance,
  • purge capability
  • compact size
  • capable of level transmitter calibration on the tank
  • swirl purge incorporated for capability of cleaning the process line between the tank and the transmitter allowing the instrument technicians to immediately flush the process and plan the cleaning of the tank during regular scheduled maintenance days versus taking the process off line
  • a test pump can be applied to the instrument side purge port and the transmitter can be re-calibrated with the valve in the closed position (this feature is in demand for mills that run a calibration program within ISO Certification on a regular basis)

Purpose-Built Design

indutec-reduce downtime
The Indu-Tech name represents high quality standards and reliable, cost effective performance. At Indu-Tech, we focus on our “purpose built” design to help reduce maintenance costs and improve both production as well as measurement accuracy. Designed for tight spaces such as Tile Chests.

We are considered by many as best in class for our design, our manufacturing process, and performance in harsh environments. The Indu-Tech Transmitter Isolation Valve maintains its durability in tough harsh conditions – even under exposure to temperature extremes or corrosive environs.

Each part is CNC machined and thoroughly inspected to ensure that each valve meets the strictest quality standards for North American and World specifications.

Universal Design

Our standard Isolation Valve has independent bolting patterns to mount the Transmitter to the Flange. On a standard 150# valve, one set of through holes are for mounting the valve to the Flange. A second set of threaded holes are provided on the 150# model to mount the Transmitter to the valve. This universal design accepts Transmitters from all manufacturers.

For KGV Retrofits, an additional set of offset holes are provided (specify DS Model). For 300# and 600# models, valves are supplied with eight through holes.

InduTech - Versatile Design

Versatile Design

Designed to work with existing flanges and bolt patterns:

  • ANSI
  • Metric
  • Offset for KGV Retrofit

InduTech - Versatile Design 2

Designed for Measurement Accuracy

Our thin 2” cross section design means that we are closer to the process media – increasing the accuracy of measurements.

API 607 Fire-Rated Design

InduTech - API 607
Our Fire-Rated Transmitter Isolation Valve meets API codes within your Plant. After extensive testing and certification rigours, the Indu-Tech Transmitter Isolation Valve has gained API 607 4th Edition Certification.

Unique Swirl Purge™ Design

Our unique design ensures a debrisfree interface between the process and the Transmitter allows for increased accuracy of measurement.

Process Swirl Purge™

Process Swirl Purge
Utilizing a ½” NPT Purge Port, our multi-ported Swirl Purge™ System creates a vortex to clean away buildup and/or debris which can affect transmitter accuracy. Purge Media can be Seal Water; Steam; Air; or even Process Media.

Insitu Calibration

Process Swirl Purge 2 The Instrument Technician can now verify or calibrate the transmitter without stopping production. Simply closing the Bubble Tight valve allows the Technician to pump metered air into the ransmitter side cavity to perform calibration. If the Transmitter fails to calibrate, remove and replace without interruption to production.

An Accurate System is a Safe System!

Compact Design

InduTech - Compact Design The compact design of the Indu-Tech Transmitter Isolation valve allows for mounting in areas that are difficult to access.

Transmitter Swirl Purge™

The ¼” NPT Transmitter-Side Purge Port performs several functions:

  • Pressure relief for applications such as Hydrogen Peroxide service
  • Transmitter Verification and/or Calibration
  • Maintain a clean diaphragm environment

Bubble Tight Design

The Indu-Tech Transmitter Isolation Valve is a ball-type design. A close captured seated ball ensures that process media does not build up internally.

  • API 598
  • API 607 (Fire Rated model)
  • ANSI B16.104 Class VI
  • ANSI FCI 70-2 Class VI

Designed for Safety

An integral part of you Safety Architecture Plan:

  • Blowout-Proof Stem
  • Double O-ring Protection
  • Bubble-Tight
  • Process Isolation for Transmitter Maintenance
  • Clog-free Design
  • Lockable Handle
  • True Process Isolation

Light Weight Design

Light Weight Design The Indu-Tech Transmitter Isolation Valve is designed for easy installation – even in confined areas, one technician can easily mount without lifting gear. Our standard 3” 150# 316SS Valve weighs only 20 lbs!

Lock Out Handle Design

The Isolation Valve is designed with a simple open/closed Lever Actuator with Lockout. A 90o turn will open or close the valve. The Lockout feature ensures that inadvertent or unauthorized activation does not occur.

Lock Out Handle Design


  • API 607 Fire-Rated Certified
  • Bubble Tight Specifications
  • CRN (Canada)
  • ASME Specifications
  • ANSI Specifications
  • Metric Specifications

True Isolation

A true Transmitter Valve designed and purpose-built specifically for Process Isolation. Originally developed for the harsh measurement conditions in the Pulp and Paper sector, our valve has gained a world-wide presence in a wide array of installations:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Refineries
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Steam

Where Transmitter Isolation is required, we exceed expectations.

The Indu-Tech Solution If measurement reliability or maintenance downtime is an issue for you, the Indu-Tech Transmitter Isolation Valve has been designed as a solution to your operating requirements.

Designed to reduce maintenance, improve measurement accuracy, and reduce installation costs. Our Isolation Valve will provide years of maintenance free operating performance – even in the harshest conditions!

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