New Grounding Brush / Labyrinth Seal Technology by Orion Seals

new grounding brush-orion seals

Ideal Performance and Felxibility

  • A unique combination of labyrinth
  • Compact size for internal mounting
  • Ideal for contaminated environtment
  • Available in any size and easily adapted motor
  • Made in the USA

Compare the Difference

Shaft Voltage


Orion Engineered Seals and Helwig Carbon come together to create a combination sea/grounding device for the motor industry. Discover the innovative grounding technology that keeps lubrication in and contaminants out.

Unmatched Reliabily

Failure is not an option for critical application and correct brush design and carbon grades are crucial for optimal performance. Helwig and Orion have the experience and resources you cOnionan depend on.

  • 100% elimination of stay current
  • Pre-assembled and engineered to fit any shaft size or application
  • Works on all shafts and finishes
  • Effectively handles a wide range of currents
  • Grounding brush is fully enclosed and protected from the environment and elements
  • No Horse Power limitations
  • Independent Grounding Brush available for Applications only requiring grounding

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