SteamRyt by SealRyt


Introducing the SealRyt® SteamRyt™, our newest technological advancement to seal all sootblowers, long term!
After years of polymeric and textile research, our technical team presents exactly what operators of Sootblowers have been looking for.
SealRyt’s polymer bearing attains exceptional, previously unheard of temperature capabilities.
One bearing fore, one bearing aft creates a protected cavity for our sealing material.

  • SealRyt style 357, a 99.6% pure carbon textile bound with carbon reinforced twisted graphite sheet is placed on the inside of both bearings and acts as wiper rings.
  • SealRyt style 283R, a pretwisted combination of imidized polymer textile and 99.6% pure carbon textile braided over a center of carbon reinforced twisted graphite sheet, make an incomparably strong sealing component which seals with low gland force.
  • SealRyt Bearing material, a blend of very high temperature capability imidized polymer allows effective use in very high temperature air or steam under severe mechanical forces.

How can you get extended operating life from your sootblowers? By addressing root-cause problem areas that exist is the answer!


  1. Retract blowers have long overhangs which can cause severe radial/elliptical movement of the shaft in the stuffing box area.
  2. Throat bushings become worn from this movement, as they wear, packing can be easily extruded through the increasing clearance.
  3. Mechanical forces on the packing causes tearing and disfiguration.
  4. Excessive number of packing rings which consolidate rapidly.
  5. Very high air/steam temperature.


Problem 1. SOLVED! Shaft movement is eliminated with use of two very high strength polymer bearings, one fore, one aft in the stuffing box.
Problem 2. SOLVED! The use of two close clearance bearings eliminates shaft contact with the throat bushing & prevents inner packing from extruding.
Problem 3. SOLVED! Mechanical forces are eliminated in the stuffing box with the use of two close clearance bearings. Packing remains square and works only to seal along the stabilized shaft.
Problem 4. SOLVED! The two bearing positions eliminate several former packing positions allowing use of optimal number of sealing rings.
Problem 5. SOLVED! All components, both bearings and packing are rated to 800 degrees F or higher.

SteamRyt sealing sets are in stock for soot blower sealing box sizes (lance diameter x box bore diameter x box length): (2.375” x 3.125” x 3.375”) and (2.750” x 3.500” x 3.500”). All other sizes are made to order.

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