3D Scanning to Enhance Pump Component Engineering and Manufacturing

Here at Westcan Industries, we have implemented 3D scanning technology for pump components as part of our best practices.

This allows us to quickly and accurately capture geometric data to then duplicate the hydraulic performance of a part. This guarantees a component will be replicated to OEM specifications and to enhance pump performance.

It’s one of several measures to ensure we remain the best pump parts replicators in the business.

3D Scanning Components Using Structured Light Projection

3D scanning uses projected light and two cameras to capture an object’s geometry. For depth perception, it functions similarly to human eyes. This is technically known as Structured Light Projection and works by the light’s known time-of-flight and the angle between cameras to determine depth.



On-Site Visits

Our technical team will visit your site to scan in 3D your organization’s critical pump components along with inventory and/or stock parts. This will eliminate the risk of having a critical spare leave your site. With on-site 3D scanning, disruption is minimized, thus ensuring optimum uptime of your pump.

To arrange an on-site consultation, please contact sales@westcan.com or call toll free 1-888-941-5141.

In situ 3d scanning casing - BC Pump repair1 – In situ scanning of casing


3d scanning of impeller - BC pump repair2 – Scanning of Impeller


3D Scan data of impeller - BC Pump Repair3 – Scan Data of Impeller