Industrial Pump Rebuilds and Overhauls

Our Industrial Pump Services include complete rebuilds and overhauls from start to finish.

Complete Pump Rebuilds and OverhaulsWestcan offers a complete pump rebuild service. We have the ability to receive a pump, tear it down, inspect, provide inspection reports, provide quotation, and rebuild the pump back to tolerance.
Often, we are able to suggest engineered design improvements in pump performance and efficiency, energy efficiency, metallurgy, and bearings to extend overall service longevity.

Pump Efficiency Check

Due to inconstancy of materials that large industrial pumps handle, they often get damaged and will start to operate at a decreased performance level. It is important that heavy duty process pumps run to their full potential as that is what they are designed to do. If a pump gets damaged by a piece of solid debris that dents a rotor then the pump will not have the output it was built for.

Having your pumps checked for damage and deficiencies is beneficial for their life expectancy. It can also save a pump from being severely damaged, thereby saving time and money.

Westcan will take apart your pump and index every part inside of it. We can then figure out if anything is broken and make a plan on how to replace or repair it. If a pump is older and the replacement parts no longer exist we can re-machine the part and put your pump back together in a functioning state. We will dismantle your pump and give you a quote on the repairs necessary and even possible improvements. We mean it when we say we can do complete pump rebuilds and overhauls!

Pump Efficiency Improvement

Westcan, in many cases, can offer to make improvements on older pumps. Pump technology is quickly advancing and pumps designed two decades ago do not have the scientific advancements that new pumps do. Instead of buying a new pump, have Westcan take a look at your old ones and we will see if there are any improvements we can make to increase its efficiency or power.

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