Legacy Pump Specialists

Westcan can replicate a single legacy pump part or an entire, original legacy pump in a wide range of new metallurgies & updated technologies. We supply legacy pump parts and complete legacy pumps, at a reduced cost and shorter lead-time than the OEM.

What is a Legacy Pump?

Industrial legacy pumps can be defined in a number of ways. They are the work-horses of the industrial world that were installed across a wide range of manufacturing applications many years ago. They have continued to prove their worth and many are still operating today!

These pumps were built in a more robust nature than many of the pumps offered by the OEM’s today. Due to this continued reliance, many end users are very reluctant to part with these pumps. There is also the additional high cost of replacing a Legacy pump with a newer model due to;

  • higher initial cost,
  • installation changes,
  • piping changes,
  • increased parts inventory, etc.

Also, many of these pumps have spares that can be used while repairs are being made. It always costs more to buy 2 pumps than one!

The Legacy Pump Dilema: New Parts

There is a continually rising dilemma that end users are battling – New Parts!

As these pumps age, there are less & less repair parts available off the shelf for these Legacy pumps. The everyday repair parts are not being as readily supplied by the OEM, and if they are, they are being sold at a premium, with an extended lead time. With the ever shrinking profit margins that many end users operate at, this can be quite painful to the bottom line!

Many end users are looking to source quality replacement parts that are as good, or better than the original. Some end users want to replace entire Legacy pumps with a pump that not only fits their original application, but has been updated with new technology and will be more efficient.

Westcan: Your Source for Legacy Pumps and Parts

Westcan is here to service end users that want an extended life cycle out of their Legacy pumps at an economical cost.

WE ARE THE LEGACY PUMP PEOPLE for Industrial, Municipal and Commercial legacy pumps.

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