Machinery Installation and Commissioning to API 610 & ANSI Standards

pump installationWestcan now provides machinery installation & commissioning services.  We now have the capability to not only repair your equipment, but to re-install and start it up again as well. We can provide you with a detailed checklist on the entire procedure, for your records. We can provide these services for new or existing installations.  The following is a list of things that are considered concerning your installation and initial start-up;

  • The Foundation – this is the cornerstone of a good installation for any type of machinery.  It will have to provide support for your equipment for the entire life cycle.  There are high standards that should be followed to insure the integrity of your installation.  Mass, quality, material and workmanship should all be carefully monitored as the foundation plans are executed.
  • The Base-Plate – this is the part that all the components of your pump or process equipment is directly bolted to.  This should be of a good quality.  It should be stiff and resist warping. The base-plate should be leveled and grouted in so that it will provide a solid mounting surface.  It will have to absorb vibration from the operating process for many years.
  • The Driver – this can be an electric motor, gearbox, or a steam turbine.  There are different aspects to address concerning the different types of drivers.  The way each one is mounted and un-mounted needs to be considered for future maintenance procedures, as well as operation.
  • The Driven – this can be any kind of rotating or reciprocating machinery.  The maintenance and operation of the driven unit will be specific to that type of equipment.  The system that it is in will impose different types of stress & strain on it.  Almost all equipment will have issues that are inherent to that particular system / process. These should be considered beforehand and steps to mitigate or eliminate functional failures should be implemented or included in the maintenance plans.
  • The Coupling – this item does not always receive the attention that it should.  The type you specify and install will most definitely decide how much time you have to put into maintaining it’s function.  The speed, required torque, material and design are all factors to carefully consider.  The availability and cost are also important factors.  The cheapest is not usually the best option.  The one you have to maintain the least, that performs the best, for the longest time, usually is!  Not to mention, will you be able to lay your hands on one in the future, if and when it is needed?  (spares are essential, regardless) Precision alignment is highly desired for all machinery!
  • The Piping and Valves – these are very important parts of you overall system.  They have to be a good match to your process equipment, or you will have issues!  Piping strain is often overlooked as a constant source of hidden equipment failures.  Eliminate it!  It is also not advisable to use valves to control a variable process.  This puts undue stress and strain on the systems reliability and availability.  There are other alternatives available, such as VSD’s (variable speed drives), both mechanical and electrical.  We can provide you with options concerning these technologies.

These are just a few of the many considerations that should be reviewed in order to have a very reliable and productive installation. There are many more, depending on your specific requirements.  We offer turn-key services to all, regardless of your process or operation. As a service provider, we want you to know that we are staying at the fore-front of the industries best maintenance & reliability practices.

We want to help you reach the highest level of operations and maintenance excellence! Contact us today