Pump Exchange Program

How Does It Work?

If your facility has a plethora of one particular size and model of pump, contact Westcan about joining our Pump Exchange Program. We can keep a replacement pump or rotating assembly on our shelf so that when you pull a pump for maintenance, the pump can be shipped to Westcan and we can send you a replacement unit ASAP.

Exchange IconThe pump or rotating assembly you send in is refurbished (disassembled, inspected, all necessary repairs or replacements are completed, reassembled, dynamically balanced, and inspected) and you are invoiced for the work required to get the pump or rotating assembly back to original specifications.

The benefit of our Pump Exchange Program is that you always have repaired rotating units in stock that are built to factory specs.

Completion of repairs to units sent to us is within two weeks, based on the trim of the impeller and/or the material’s specifications. We always adhere to mill standards for packing, mechanical seals, bearings, and hardware.

The savings on the exchange units are significant.

You save time and money and can also feel confident knowing that you are always receiving a replacement unit that has been brought back to factory standards.

It is on our shelf, ready to ship. No delays.

To join our Pump Exchange Program, please call us at 1-888-941-5141 or click here.