Pump Life Cycle Cost Analysis

This is a very broad range analysis of pump life cycle costs that may include some or all of the following:Pump Life Cycle Cost Analysis

  • Operating Cost
  • Downtime & Loss of Production Cost
  • Environmental Cost
  • Installation & Commissioning (start-up) Cost
  • Initial Pump Cost
  • Energy Cost
  • Maintenance & Repair Cost

These costs can be analyzed at any stage of a pump systems life, depending on the information required. The pump life cycle cost analysis can be used in the development stages of system design, output control, pump & driver selection, auxiliary services, as well as monitoring and sustaining the system as a whole.  They can also be used to analyze an existing system as well.  The system components, flow rates, and controls can all be updated to current technologies, reducing waste and energy cost.  Energy audits can be done to see if there are any gains to be had by updating your system.  The entire systems efficiency can be evaluated to see exactly where you are losing operating capitol. This could be due to an oversized pump or a control valve that is being partially closed to meet your current flow requirements.  These draining costs are usually deeply hidden from your day to day operations, but they can be brought to light by the focus that a cost analysis can provide.

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