Precision Pump Reconditioning

Precision Pump Reconditioning that Meets, or Exceeds OEM Specs / Pump Modifications

pump reconditioning improves efficiency

Westcan offers a complete precision pump reconditioning service. We have the ability to:

  1. Receive a complete pump,
  2. Disassemble it,
  3. Do a precision as-found inspection,
  4. Provide a quotation with a detailed “as-found” inspection report,
  5. Recondition the pump back to OEM or better tolerance.

Why Use Westcan’s Precision Pump Reconditioning Service?

Our experience and expertise means that we are able to suggest current, up to date, engineered design improvements in pump performance, efficiency, metallurgy, and bearings to extend overall service longevity and reliability.

Why You Need Precision Pump Reconditioning

We can often tell if the running conditions are less than favorable.  The pump internals will show evidence of what is causing unseen damage and stress to your rotating equipment.  Many times a pump is running away from it’s BEP (Best Efficiency Point).  This is the pressure & flow rate that is best for the pump.  A pump can suffer premature failures if run under this condition.  It will experience cavitation (sounds like rocks in it!), leaking mechanical seals, failed bearings, or even shaft breakage.  We can tell quite a lot about a pump from what we find during the inspection.

Solve Your Pump Reconditioning Needs With Westcan

We can reclaim any critical fits in your equipment with our in-house staff of experienced journeyman machinists that have a combined total of over 100 years of accumulated knowledge.  We can weld repair any eroded fits, if necessary.  We have CNC machining capabilities that allow very close tolerances to be reached and repeated.  We have journeyman millwright / mechanics to reassemble your pump with precision.  We follow a strict QC procedure for each and every customer’s equipment.  You will also be supplied with a detailed “as-built” report for your records.

We have the technical knowledge, skill and experience to do precision reconditioning of not only pumps, but a wide range of rotating equipment used in many industries & processes.  Westcan welcomes any and all opportunities to serve you! Contact us today