Westcan Industries’ Impeller Program

Westcan’s Impeller Program was developed to help our clients reduce their operating costs.

To compete globally in today’s operating environment, no area of savings can be overlooked.

How Our Impeller Program Works

  1. The crated Impellers are received at Westcan and recorded.
  2. Each Impeller is identified with a unique coding for the mill it came from.
  3. A preliminary cataloging of the Impellers is done on the Westcan Master Catalog System.
  4. Each Impeller is processed through Quality Control to confirm identification.
  5. Identification will include matching the casting numbers to OEM part number.
  6. Westcan matches drawing information with template and pattern information.
  7. Once identified, the Impellers are stored in the Impeller racking and identified by customer.
  8. Fully completed Master Catalog Listing of all Impellers is sent to the mill.

How Our Impeller Program Can Save You Money

Impellers that can be identified by the Mill or Westcan are accepted into the Impeller Repair Program.
impeller program
The Impeller Program provides the plant maintenance department with the tools and support to significantly reduce the maintenance costs of the pumps.

By providing fully certified Impeller repair services, the extended life cycle of the wear components including impellers, stuffing boxes, shafts, and other components can now be greatly extended. With current welding technology and expertise, there is no need to simply scrap an impeller when it can be repaired successfully, meeting all requirements, at a fraction of the cost of a new impeller.

Westcan has been repairing impellers and other components for over 45 years. It is not unusual for a plant to save hundreds of thousands of dollars within the Impeller Program. When the impeller is in the Westcan “Impeller Program” the lead time to repair and get it back in the pump is reduced dramatically as well.

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