boiler soot blower

Water treatment, recycling, settling on sewage water stationIndustrial power facilities, utilize a variety of fuel sources such as oil , coal, gas and combustable  byproducts. No matter what type of product is burned in a furnace or power boiler, the combustion process will produce a large amount of ash, gases, soot and other by-products. It is important to clean the internal heating surfaces at set intervals to prevent build-up within their systems.Soot blowers are an effective and efficient means of regularly and safely cleaning the internal heating surface.

The Problems Caused by Soot Buildup

The longer a boiler or furnace has been running, the more deposits it will have on all heating surfaces. Soot inside a furnace or other burning equipment reduces efficiency and is also a fire hazard. First, a coating of soot inside the equipment acts like an insulator to reduce heat exchange and Read More »