Employers, Get a Grant for Industrial Pump Training

If your business runs industrial pumps, you know that proper training and retraining of employees is imperative. You also know that it takes time and money to train an employee to the skill level needed. Industrial pump training evolves as frequently as pump systems and technology evolve.

Now, you can combine two great initiatives to give your employees that training – use the Canada Job Grant for employees to attend Pump Fundamentals Training Workshops or Advanced Pump Training.

BC Grant for Industrial Pump Training

What is the Canada-BC Job Grant?

This grant program is a cost-sharing initiative that employers can use to increase employee training while offsetting the costs. The Canada Job Grant covers all of Canada and is about stimulating more and better training. The grant program covers up to $15,000 per person for training, where the federal government contributes up to $10,000 if the employer contributes up to $5,000. The money can be for enrollment costs, tuition fees, books, software, other training materials, and so on.

It’s a win-win idea. Employers are financially supported to have better trained employees while Canada and its provinces get a stronger economy driven by more highly skilled people with greater access to work training programs.

Use the Grant for Employees to Attend Industrial Pump Training

With the grant, two-thirds of your employees’ industrial pump training can be covered by the government. That provides you with the ideal situation for sending employees to programs like Westcan’s Pump Fundamentals Training workshop or Advanced Pump Training program. Your employees will receive specific tuition into operation of pump systems and how to keep them functioning at optimal levels. Topics covered in the fundamentals program range through styles of pumps, process definitions, impellers, seals and bearings, lubrication, cavitation, causes of failures, and repairs. Training in the advanced program includes specific tuition for operators, fitters, foremen, superintendents, maintenance managers, purchasing supervisors and more.

Which Employees Can I Use the Training Grant For?

Simple. Anyone.

The grant and training could be for new employees, upgrading the skills of current employees, or even for training someone for a future job. You know that technology and skills change continuously in workplaces that use industrial pumps.

Applying for the Canada Job Grant

For overall information about the Canada Job Grant, visit this page.

For information about the grant specifically in BC, visit here. Frequently asked questions are answered here. There is also a fact sheet.

Enrolling in Westcan’s Industrial Pump Training

Westcan will be happy to answer your questions about industrial pump training and assist you to enroll your employees in its programs. Contact Westcan here.


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